Is There Life For Student-Athletes After College?

The short answer – YES.

One of the topics I write about in my book, Student Athlete 101: College Life Made Easy On & Off The Field, is how student-athletes can prepare themselves for life after college.The truth is that only a small percentage of  make it to the professional ranks. And for those that do, a professional sports career doesn’t last forever. However, based on their experience, student-athletes are in an amazing position to succeed in their careers after graduation.

This topic is highlighted in THIS ARTICLE about the awesome work the University of Missouri is doing to prepare their student athletes for life after sports. Get this: They have a job fair just for their student-athletes. Awesome. Here are some other things that stood out in the article:

Free Resources: “Like other NCAA schools, Missouri has a team of employees dedicated to enhancing its athletes’ “life skills” — from academic tutors to community service organizers. For a growing number of Division I institutions, that also means helping players find jobs.”

What recruiters are looking for: “…the intangible qualities — leadership, sacrifice, time management, a willingness to take criticism — that can translate from success on the field to success in the workplace.”

The student-athlete advantage: “The roughly 500 Missouri athletes receive far more individualized care than the 8,000 students who visit the campus career center in person or online each year…”

Career Development Programs: “(Missouri’s) ...starts with first-year athletes researching potential majors and learning how to write a basic resume. They can later participate in mock interviews, etiquette dinners and alumni network events.”

You can’t beat the above. And guess what, all the above topics are covered in Student Athlete 101.


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