Some NCAA News

Some diverse news coming from the NCAA this week:

First, for all you college football fans, I love college football, the 2010 NCAA Divsion II football television schedule was announced. It’s exciting to check out all of the big matchups and even more exciting that they’ll be broadcast on the CBS College Sports Network. The 2010 football schedule will open Thursday, September 2, with West Texas A&M visiting Grand Valley State.

Second, NCAA men’s basketball attendance for the 2009-10 season surpassed 32 million. This number is ridiculous. But get this, that’s only the 4th highest told in history. The record: 33,396,316 set during the 2007-08 season.

Third, the NCAA’s Academic Performance Program recognized more than 800 Division I sports teams for awesome work in the classroom. NCAA Interim President Jim Isch said:

“Most Division I student-athletes and teams take seriously their dual responsibilities in the classroom and on the court or field of play, but every year there is a special category of teams that perform exceptionally well and deserve this noteworthy recognition.”

Lastly, the NCAA Student-Athlete Race/Ethnicity Report shows that while whites compose more than three-fourths of participants in all NCAA sports, African Americans compose a larger percentage of the remainder today than a decade ago. An example from the report:

In football, black student-athletes accounted for almost 34 percent of the players in 2008-09. That’s well above the percentage in 1999-2000 (28.1 percent) but fairly steady over the last four years. Whites, meanwhile, have gone from 63.1 percent in 1999-2000 to 58.8 percent in 2008-09.

So there’s a little NCAA update for you from the good folks at Student Athlete 101. Thank you

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