5 Things LeBron Missed Out On

With all the talk surrounding LeBron James’ future (C’mon LeBron!) and what NBA uniform he’ll wear this fall, it got me to thinking. What did LeBron miss out on choosing not be to a collegiate student-athlete?

I know what you’re thinking so let’s get 5 things out of the way.

  1. Yes, LeBron was NBA-ready straight out of high school and is arguably the best player in the game. However, watching these NBA Finals I’m sure Kobe Bryant would disagree.
  2. Yes, LeBron would have postponed (barring a serious injury) millions of dollars in contracts endorsements if he went to college. Tough to argue this point.
  3. Yes, LeBron probably wouldn’t be friends with Jay-Z (yet) if he went to college.
  4. Yes, he wouldn’t have hosted SNL if he went to college (not sure if this is a bad thing).
  5. Yes, he wouldn’t have made his sixth consecutive NBA All-Star game appearance this season if he went to college.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, here are 5 things LeBron would have gained becoming a collegiate student-athlete.

  1. Education: Sure, LeBron is basically earning an MBA in business with all of his astute deal-making. However, nothing can replace a college degree. Plus, and as they say, you learn more outside of the classroom than inside of it.
  2. The College Experience: Sure, LeBron has probably experienced many things that you and I could only dream of. However, college offers the opportunity to grow and make mistakes outside of the spotlight. From joining student organizations, attending cultural events, participating in an internship or studying abroad, college is a once in a lifetime experience.
  3. Building Lasting Relationships: Sure, during his meteoric rise LeBron has had to grow up fast. He’s fortunate to have an inner-circle of friends that have traveled this road with him to fame and fortune. However, there’s something to be said for checking into the dorm that first day and meeting your new roommate for the first time and building an amazing friendship. Further this takes place in the classroom, with professors and coaches.
  4. Leaving Ohio: Sure, LeBron can travel at his leisure on a private jet and his career has exposed him to the world. Still, he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers in his home state of Ohio. Nothing against Ohio, but getting away for college is an awesome experience for growth and learning.(Admittedly, I attended an in-state school for undergrad, Western Michigan University, but this is about LeBron.)
  5. NCAA Championship: Sure, not even the Fab 5 were able to win a NCAA Championship. However, I’m convinced LeBron could have accomplished this with numerous college programs. And it may have prepared him to win the big games at the NBA level.

So, did LeBron make the right move?

Antonio Neves is an award-winning broadcast journalist and author of, Student Athlete 101: College Life Made Easy On & Off The Field.


8 Responses to 5 Things LeBron Missed Out On

  1. Christy says:

    Interesting points, Antonio!

    There’s one other factor that makes the NBA the right decision for LeBron–he had a baby his first year out of high school. As a teenage parent, he still wouldn’t have had the same “college experience” that he missed out on, and the decision to leave Ohio would had been at the expense of his girlfriend and son. Instead, he was employed at the time of his first child’s birth, making him more-than-able to support his family while building an incredible legacy.

  2. OhMyGod says:

    You must be drunk, when you have a chance to make the money he’s making, you take it. He sacraficed his college years to go to the NBA nad it’s serving him well. He didnt miss out on $h!t.

  3. fender says:

    I work in a school where every teacher has a masters degree.But there are a big difference between teachers.The best teachers have it naturally.You can’t teach talent.Some of them have PHDs and suck.They are very square and stupid without people skills let alone children.I think if you need to learn something specific,take the necessary courses you need like how to manage your money or what have you.BUT at the end of the day,isn’t college all about making more money?Some say no but I say yes.If you can make your money without wasting your time in a school that basically teaches trivia,why bother?

  4. Shiela Brown says:

    This article is crooked. The only thing LeBron missed was trying to find a job and keeping his house and car from being foreclosed. Look at all the poeple who aren’t enjoying college because of student loans and the fact that they don’t know if they will be able to find a job whent hey graduate. He has children which was mentioned and is making enough money to take care of them.

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