NCAA Division I Academic Progress On The Rise

June 10, 2010

Academic Progress Rates (APR), that are based on the eligibility and retention of each scholarship student-athlete, are up 3 points from 2009. The top possible APR score is 1,000 and if teams score below 925 they can face stiff penalties.

Something that catches my attention is that more than, “7,000 student-athletes have returned to campus and earned their degrees in the past six years.” That’s a big number and means these student-athlete’s haven’t given up on their all important education. Interestingly, almost half of these student-athletes participated in men’s football, baseball and basketball.

The NCAA says the policy adjustments over the years can be attributed to the improved academic results including:

  • Stringent progress-toward-degree requirements for current student-athletes
  • Increased core-course requirements for incoming student-athletes

In my opinion, and this is detailed in my book Student Athlete 101, the key to academic success for student-athletes is instilling the importance of delivering in the classroom from day one one campus. For me, it was always a matter of perspective. The classroom became the track that I competed on and I didn’t want to lose. It became a competition to kick butt each semester as I realized that my education would play a major role in my life and career. So for all of you student-athletes reading this, take that same energy and focus you use in your respective sport and apply it to the books. Win at all costs. Except cheating of course.

To read the full article on NCAA Division I academic progress click HERE.

(note: some information in this post originated in above article)