The Sometimes False Perception of Student-Athletes

June 14, 2010

Came across this article and it really jumped out from the first couple of paragraphs:

Student-athletes can be considered spoiled brats who do not have to work for anything.

They are the special people on campus who have everything handed to them. They have their books handed to them, and life is considered easy for the student-athlete….

Man, I wish it was that easy when I was running track at Western Michigan University. The only thing handed to me was tuition bill each semester. Point-blank: Being a university student-athlete is not easy. At one point I was balancing 5 classes, working a part-time job, active in student organizations and oh yeah, that athletic commitment. It’s nothing short of a major commitment with major comprises involved.

With all above the above written, I could never complain because being a student-athlete was also a major privilege that provided a lot of added-value in my life in college and after. Yes, it had some perks involved that I discuss in my book Student Athlete 101. But those perks for me weren’t free cars or meals at local restaurants. Rather, they were things like early registration for classes and one-on-one tutoring. The latter is actually available for the general student body as well at respective campus academic skills centers.

In short, and as the article points out with the below quote from a student-athlete, being a student-athlete is a challenge like no other.

“”We earn everything we get. We earn everything, because we know all eyes are on us. Some people look for a reason to get on to us, so why give them a reason too.